North American Hydrogen Industrial Summit 2020

With the world focusing more on reducing emissions, and the incredible advancements of the Hydrogen industry, the
time is now to explore this growing market, the latest innovations, the state of investment and the upcoming economic
The Hydrogen Summit will be taking place in San Francisco, California on the 14th & 15th October 2020. The two-day
event will bring together key industry stakeholders from all corners of the Hydrogen industry. To give you an insight into
the latest regulations impacting on global transition in energy trends & the required economical and infrastructure
innovations for a sustainable energy carrier.

Who will be attending?

This conference invites experts and senior executives across the whole Hydrogen and fuel cells industry interested in
meeting potential partners, creating business opportunities and gaining knowledge on the latest advancements to aid
growth in markets.
Representatives from hydrogen producers and suppliers, fuel cell companies, automotive OEMs, hydrogen storage
companies, technology providers, component manufactures industrial end-users, financial stakeholders and inventors,
service providers, government officials & regulators, sustainability mobility technology providers and others will come to
discuss perspectives & market opportunities for hydrogen & fuel cells market.

Confirmed Topics:

US & Global Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Market Overview
Assessing Government Perspectives on US Hydrogen Industry and Future Opportunities
Review of North American & Global Projects and Case Studies
Impact of the Hydrogen Market on the Global Economy
Hydrogen Advancements in Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles & Transport Fleets
Decarbonizing Maritime Vessels & Ports and Transitioning to Hydrogen Energy
Pathway to Improving Compression, Storage & Safety Capabilities
Challenges of Fleets and Supporting Infrastructure Distribution
Technologies Innovations & Low Carbon Hydrogen Production
Hydrogen Energy in Green heating and cooling
External activities support the Development of Hydrogen


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